Paper is an old medium, work smarter with digital documents.

Digitize, automate and transform your business with Enterprise Content Management software and other digital transformation products and services.

Lose the paper, embrace the pixel.

• Documents are secured in a centralized, audited digital document repository
• Access documents anywhere with versatile web and mobile applications

• Eliminate manual data entry with automatic extraction, filing and indexing
• Digitize and automate processes with workflow automation tools

• Approve and e-sign documents faster with fully customizable digital forms

• Simplify the application and management of records retention policies

Scan | Store | Shred

SCAN – Scan and convert paper documents to digital format.

STORE – Store documents in a secure, centralized digital repository and access them any time, on any device.

SHRED – Shred paper documents and drastically reduce paper-related costs.

Laserfiche Cloud 30-Day Free Trial

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