10 reasons to invest in Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management


1. Paper cuts  - Cut paper related costs such as reams of paper, ink toner, paper storage, and shipping paper documents to clients/vendors.

2. Automate business processes - Workflow and forms automation features allow businesses to streamline their repetitive, paper-based business processes.

3. Operate more efficiently - Workflow automation reduces the time it takes to perform your daily, repetitive document-centric processes.

4. Document security - ECM provides granular security capabilities for your documents. You can secure your documents down to the word (redactions). ECM systems are used by the CIA and the FBI, so if it’s secure enough for them, it’s probably secure enough for you.

5. Document collaboration - Enhance document collaboration with a centralized document repository. All employees have simultaneous access to all of your corporate documents and content. People can collaborate on and update documents more efficiently, and document versioning becomes a cinch.

6. Disaster recovery - In case of disasters like floods, fires or hardware failure, electronic backups of your ECM system enable a swift recovery of your company’s document repository. You can also take it a step further with highly available systems to ensure 100% system uptime.

7. Easy audits - Audit trail reports of all document activity in your repository allow you to provide quick reports to auditors who are inquiring about your business activities.

8. Simplify records management - Records Managers rejoice. With the revolutionary RM concept of Transparent Records Management developed by Laserfiche, the tedious task of keeping track of records retention cycles is drastically streamlined and simplified.

9. Google for your documents - ECM makes it impossible to lose documents. Full text OCR, metadata field indexing and a powerful search engine lets you find documents instantly right from your desk.

10. On the go document access - Access your document repository from any location right on your tablet or mobile phone. Updated existing documents, add new ones, and participate in automated processes.