ROI for your ECM


ROI for your ECM No doubt about it, if you want to gain from the benefits of going paperless, you’ve got to spend some money. When evaluating an Enterprise Content Management system, decision makers are hesitant to make that initial capital expenditure. All they think about is the money that’s going to come out of...

10 Reasons To Invest In ECM


  10 reasons to invest in Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management   1. Paper cuts  - Cut paper related costs such as reams of paper, ink toner, paper storage, and shipping paper documents to clients/vendors. 2. Automate business processes - Workflow and forms automation features allow businesses to streamline their repetitive, paper-based business processes. 3. Operate...


Public Cloud vs Private Cloud


The debate rages on. Security and control, or scalability and flexibility. Which one is better? The private cloud with its fancy security, or the public cloud with its ease of deployment and scalability. Many organizations face this issue when deciding what kind of document management system to use. Here are some pros and cons of...

Managing Change


Change can be scary. Resisting change is an innate human instinct. We’ve all been guilty. Even if a proposed change makes sense and will make our lives easier, we will still be hesitant to leave our comfort zones. The change that occurs when implementing a new Enterprise Content Management system is certainly no exception. Going...

Three Common Misconceptions About Going Paperless


  1. All or Nothing Many people believe that going paperless is a black and white process where the whole office is converted to paperless in one giant implementation. On the contrary, we recommend a phased implementation where either one process, or one department, goes paperless. After testing, tweaking and perfecting a process/department, a new...