Enterprise Content Management


Benefits of going digital...

Document Management – Access all organizational documents and content, from any device, from a centralized digital document repository that is backed up and highly secure.
Capture – Capture documents and other content from scanners, email, network drives, web forms and mobile devices.
BPM & Workflow – Digitize and automate document-driven business processes from beginning to end for maximum efficiency and minimum cost.
Forms – Digitize and automate your paper-based forms processes with easy-to-build, customizable e-forms with digital signatures.
Records Management – Simplified records lifecycle management that is compliant with DoD 5015.2 records retention standards.

As your business grows, so do files, and so does the time and effort required to manage them. A content management system gives you the power to recapture lost hours, reduce your overhead expenses and increase profitability, all while improving the level of service you provide to your customers.

Document & Records Management

In today’s increasingly-strict regulatory environment, compliantly managing documents and records takes significant time and money that could be better spent achieving mission-critical objectives. By implementing digital document management software, business owners can realize many benefits that noticeably improve operational efficiency.
• Eliminate manual data entry.
• Eliminate paper use, storage and printing costs.
• Collaborate with other employees on documents more effectively.
• Automatically track document versions and compare them side-by-side.
Having trouble managing your records? Simplify management of records retention policies and scheduling of final disposition actions. A quality RMS does more than just help you go paperless. Beyond eliminating the need for Records Managers to take time manually filing records, it can also help you comply with record keeping requirements. .
• Automate life cycle management from document creation to final disposition.
• Promote compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, USA PATRIOT Act, SEC, FINRA and other regulations.
• Reduce litigation risks associated with expired and outdated records.
• Enforce enterprise-wide records policies, regardless of your records’ format, location or content, and without additional staff training.
• Log all system activity, providing an audit trail that can be used to prove adherence to your records management plan and compliance with regulations.

Laserfiche Records Management Edition

Compliance & Security

Businessmans working with documents in the office

Instantly collect all records requested by auditors with a quick search, give auditors limited access to the documents they need to review, prove compliance with detailed document-related activity reports, show what actions were performed on documents, when they were performed, and who took those actions, ensure adherence with records retention policies and avoid costly non-compliance fines.

•DoD 5015.2 certification – Laserfiche is certified by the United States Department of Defense.
• VERS certification – Laserfiche is also VERS certified; the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (endorsed by the government of Victoria, Australia) specifies a standard format for electronic records.
• ECM allows control of repository access with unique user login credentials, role-based privileges, and folder access security settings.
• ECM tracks who sees an organization’s documents and what they do with them. Ensure adherence to data protection laws like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the USA Patriot Act to avoid the financial and reputational costs of non-compliance.
• Laserfiche Mobile allows users to login to the document repository from any device and access documents they need to reference or process without having to email or print copies.
• Laserfiche SDK is an open application programming interface allowing seamless integrations with an organization’s other primary business applications.
• Backups ensure that the data kept on servers and databases are stored securely offsite, enabling a company to continue operating in case it experiences a sudden disaster.
• Using Laserfiche to manage documents assures the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire lifecycle. A digital image of a document is captured and preserved in an unalterable format.
• Digital signatures indicate that documents are authentic, have been signed by a particular person and have not been modified since the signature was applied.
• Document versioning tracks any changes to a document’s text, metadata or images. A document’s version history can be viewed to see what updates were made, when they were made, and by whom. A version comparison tool allows managers to easily identify specific changes made to a document throughout its history.

System security is an absolute necessity for any document management system. A rigorous security system should permit every authorized person to perform required duties—whether from desktop, laptop, the office, a remote location or over the Web—without compromising the integrity of the database, system or network. Comprehensive security is critical to the successful implementation and ongoing protection of a document management system.

Disaster Recovery

With our Enterprise Content Management system serving as the core of your business’ information management schema, we realize that having any system downtime can be detrimental to your company’s success and reputation. With this in mind, we recommend multiple techniques that can ensure a swift recovery from an unexpected disaster such as a flood, fire or hardware failure.

For Recovery Tips & Planning

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