Laserfiche ECM Features & Benefits

Laserfiche is a simple and powerful document management system. It allows you to store, organize and access your organization’s information from a centralized content repository. Your organization has complete control over what type of information is stored, how long it is kept and who can view the information.
Documents stored in the repository can be in the form of scanned paper, or electronic documents like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, emails, images, video files, and many other types. Virtually any type of file can be stored in the content repository. Additionally, metadata can be assigned and OCR text can be extracted to provide additional information about each entry and allow for dynamic searching.
• Store all of your organizational documents, and other content, in a centralized, secure document repository that is accessible from anywhere.
• A powerful search engine and full text OCR functionality enables employees to find documents instantly, without leaving their desks.
• Mark up documents with numerous digital annotations like highlights, redactions, sticky notes, stamps, watermarks, and many more.
• Capture documents in different ways from a number of different sources including drag/drop from Outlook or Windows file system, scanning paper, importing photos from tablets and mobile phones.
• Restrict access to folders, deny user privileges, and even redact certain words as necessary and lock down the repository with a granular security feature set.
• MS Office Integration allows users to seamlessly work between Laserfiche and Office applications to open, edit and save electronic documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, and more.
• A web-based administration console can be used anywhere by IT staff to create users and groups, assign privileges to them, manage metadata templates and fields, and manage document volumes.
Laserfiche WebLink, also known as Public Portal, is a powerful, user-friendly public web portal that enables organizations to share read-only versions of specific documents with the public online.
Valuable features:
• Web-based content publisher
• Read-only access to organizational documents and content
• Designed for use by participants inside and outside an organization
• Multiple security profiles
• Concurrent read-only access for users who require read-only access to organizational documents
Immediate benefits:
• Round-the-clock access to public records
• Eliminate the need for staff member to spend time compiling requested records
• Reduce the risk of regulatory non-compliance
• Safeguard records from accidental loss or tampering
Popular use cases:
• Quick response to high-volume public records requests
• Giving limited access to auditors
• HR application review
Laserfiche Workflow increases staff productivity by automating document-centric work processes. An intuitive graphical interface provides easy work process modeling and streamlining. Routing and notification services guarantee smooth workflow despite user absence. Workflow provides the efficiency and security of rules-based routing and monitoring while also supporting ad hoc participation in the workflow process.
• Easily build customized workflows in a simple GUI-based flowchart by dragging and dropping 150+ pre-built repository activities.
• Ensure tasks are completed quickly by automatically routing files into appropriate folders and notifying appropriate individuals by email when a document needs their attention.
• Start document routing and processing when new content is created, or from a number of other predefined event triggers.
• Out-of-the-box activities let you lookup information stored in company databases, update data in them, or even integrate with other primary business applications like ERP or CRM.
• Business process step information instructs process participants on what actions have been taken so far by others and what actions they need to take next leading to faster, cleaner operations and increased accountability.
• Continually streamline operations with process metrics and reporting tools that give managers a high-level overview of operational performance and enable them to easily identify and fix bottlenecks.
• Digitize and model entire business processes like new employee onboarding, contract management, public records requests, and accounts payable.

Laserfiche Forms makes it possible for employees, customers, vendors, citizens, or any other stakeholders to fill out, digitally sign, and submit forms from any location. Forms ensures accurate data collection, eliminates the need for manual data entry, and facilitates the management of tasks related to submitted forms. Use the web-based Forms portal to easily create fully-customizable e-forms and build business process models that mimic unique forms processes. Task management inboxes help staff stay on top of forms related activities and process analytics dashboards enable management to maximize the efficiency of business operations.
• Easily create electronic forms that can be fully customized with unique fonts, colors, images and layout, all without the need for custom software development.
• Forms look aesthetic and are very functional thanks to features like collapsible sections, tabulation, fields rules, database lookups, calculations, file attachments, and much more.
• Ensure data accuracy by running automatic data lookups from databases in other applications to verify information or prepopulate other fields on a form.
• Eliminate the need for manual form collection or data entry by importing all form submissions into the appropriate filing location in the document repository and pushing data collected from forms to other primary business applications.
• Digitize entire forms processes from beginning to end with automated routing for approvals, automated data collection, and electronic signatures.
• Reduce the need to follow up with form submitters by using required fields and format constraints that force users to enter accurate information and fill out forms completely.
• Prevent internet robots from filling out forms by enabling CAPTCHA verification.
• Secure confidential information by restricting access to submitted forms to authorized people only.
• Expedite forms processing with an intuitive task management inbox that lets authorized personnel view their assigned tasks and take action to move the process along.
• Increase managerial oversight and enable continual improvement of efficiency of forms processes with operational performance dashboards that informatively display process metrics.
Maintain accurate records and drastically simplify the tedious task of managing all of your organization’s records retention policies with DoD 5015.2-certified records management. Enforce records management policies across the entire organization, and across all devices, and ensure compliance with DoD 5015.2, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, FINRA, USA PATRIOIT Act and other regulatory mandates for records retention. Minimize risk and avoid costly non-compliance fines with simple electronic records retention management.
• Create two separate folder structures; one for records managers and one for regular users.
• Records managers store original copies of records in their unique records folder layout, making it easy to find and track records retention lifecycles, while regular users work with shortcuts to original records in their own unique folder layout that makes sense to them.
• Automatically file newly created records in records folders according to industry standards and internal corporate records policies, while also creating shortcuts in corresponding regular folders for regular employees to work with.
• Newly created records automatically inherit the retention policy of the records folder that they have been stored in.
• Records management folder structures are completely customizable, allowing records managers to create unique filing plans according to exact corporate records policies.
• Automatically create reports of pending records management actions, like transfer or destruction, and setup automated, time-sensitive email notifications that alert records managers of upcoming actions they need to take on certain records.
• Enforce corporate policies across desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones by storing only one original copy of a record in the centralized document repository.
Laserfiche Audit Trail is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to shore up compliance risks. This component of the Laserfiche software suite provides a detailed breadcrumb trail of activities that have been performed on all documents that reside in the centralized repository. With just a few clicks, managers can build customizable reports to show to auditors and prove that they’ve been compliant with industry regulations. Audit Trail editions include Starter, Standard and Advanced. Each level has additional activities that can be tracked.
• Repository login and logout.
• Creating, editing, printing or deleting documents.
• Creating, editing or deleting templates, fields and annotations.
• Adding security tags.
• Sending documents to the Recycle Bin.
• Exporting documents, volumes or briefcases.
• Granting or revoking login rights for Windows accounts.
• Modifications to access rights.
• Modifications to repository-wide settings.
• Creating, modifying or deleting users and groups.
• Password changes.
• Searches performed by users.
• Reasons for printing, emailing and exporting documents.
• Watermarks.
• Unsuccessful attempts to perform the actions listed above.
Don’t drag around heaps of paper documents anymore, pull up relevant documents while you’re on the road instantly on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Access all your documents across multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere using the thin-client Web Access interface, or the Laserfiche Mobile app. These two web-based tools give mobile employees a flexible, secure platform to access corporate documents from outside the office and gives them the ability to securely create, view, edit and share documents with the rest of the organization and even participate in critical, time-sensitive business processes.
• Scan documents via a web browser or take photos of paper documents, receipts, or job sites and import them directly into the centralized repository as high-quality images with cleanup options such as cropping edges, deskewing tilted pages, and color enhancements.
• Documents scanned and photos imported from mobile devices become instantly accessible documents available to all employees and are fully text searchable, making them quick and easy to find.
• Mobile employees can initiate and participate in automated business processes no matter where they are currently located.
• Provides a detailed audit trail of document-related activity that has been performed by employees across the entire organization, regardless of which device they used to access documents.
• Numerous security options make Web Access and the Mobile app compliant with many different regulatory mandates pertaining to secure and transparent document access.
Laserfiche Connector is a simple, code-free way to integrate other line-of-business applications. With a single click, users working in a primary application, like Salesforce or Junxure CRM, find related client documents in Laserfiche. Connector doesn’t require any custom programming or complex third-party integrations, which means decreased costs and less work for your IT department. Once the integrations between Laserfiche and your other applications are setup, users spend more time on serving customers rather than clicking between windows and looking for information.
• Search the repository based on fields from primary applications such as CRM and ERP systems.
• Scan a page, automatically populate metadata and store it in Laserfiche—directly from your primary application.
• Connect two applications by allowing one of them to start the other (including the ability to pass parameters between them).
• Choose whether the actions above are triggered from a keyboard shortcut, a button embedded in the application or both.
Laserfiche Connector can work with any third-party application that displays readable text. Some examples include:
• Gmail
• Salesforce
• Microsoft Dynamics
• Junxure
Capture and file organizational data faster and more accurately with Laserfiche’s batch document capture application, Quick Fields. The time-consuming, error-prone process of manually capturing, indexing and filing large numbers of documents will become a thing of the past. Just throw in that stack of paper documents into the scanner and watch Quick Fields work its magic.
Designed to automate high-volume document capture processes, Quick Fields is essentially a high-powered scanning application. Automation features like numerous image enhancements, Zone OCR text extraction, pattern matching, database lookups, and dynamic naming and filing, expedite the tedious and time-consuming process of capturing organizational data from documents.
• Extract pertinent text on paper or electronic forms and use that data to name and file those documents, as well as push that data to other primary business applications, eliminating the need to manually enter data into one or more business applications.
• An intuitive GUI enables simplified setup of scanning sessions and use of multiple document classes that perform a pre-defined sequence of processing actions for each type of document.
• Enables distributed document capture by allowing users to scan documents from multiple sources including scanners, shared network drives, or even the Laserfiche document repository.
• Page removal feature automatically removes blank pages from document batches and image enhancements, including line removal, color smoothing, deskew, despeckle, cropping and auto-rotation, clean up document images for optimal data extraction.
• Extract data from documents and use that data to pull information from databases for dynamic naming, filing and data accuracy verification; push extracted text data to databases of other primary business applications.