About Us

Dynamic Document Services was formed to provide a combination of cutting-edge Enterprise Content Management systems and value-added professional business services.


At the heart of our product offering is the popular Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management suite. This user-friendly software offers a wide variety of benefits from simple digital document storage and retrieval to enterprise-level business process optimization. In addition to the software, we provide business process optimization consulting which allows organizations to automate and streamline their operations.


We genuinely believe in the preservation of our natural resources for future generations. In addition to streamlining operations, ECM systems help businesses run greener by reducing their dependence on paper, thus reducing our collective global paper footprint.

Vision & Values

It is in our core set of beliefs that running a paperless company will have a huge impact on preserving our planet’s natural resources. We view ourselves as a viable option for companies, of all types and sizes, to run paperless in order to minimize the adverse impact that global business has on our natural environment and resources.



Our mission is to provide companies with Enterprise Content Management products and services that allow brands to leverage the power of technology to cut costs, operate more efficiently, streamline operations and run a greener business. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of technical expertise and outstanding customer service to each and every client.



Dynamic Document Services was incorporated primarily as a reseller of Laserfiche’s renowned Enterprise Content Management software. We were introduced to the business of reselling Laserfiche by working for another reseller in New York. Prior to creating our company, our experiences working with the technical aspects of Laserfiche were very positive and rewarding. This made the decision of branching off on our own extremely appealing. We realized that there was an opportunity for us to branch out and run the same business on our own. We did the research, crunched some numbers and decided to take the plunge into what we thought would be a prosperous and worthy venture.
Today, we are walking down the path that we initially envisioned for ourselves. Additionally, we constantly conduct market research to stay up on the latest technology and business innovations so that we can offer our present and future customers the latest and greatest office automation products.

Our Partners