Managing Change

Managing Change

Change can be scary. Resisting change is an innate human instinct. We’ve all been guilty. Even if a proposed change makes sense and will make our lives easier, we will still be hesitant to leave our comfort zones.


The change that occurs when implementing a new Enterprise Content Management system is certainly no exception. Going from a paper-intensive office environment to one that is paper-free can seem like a daunting task.


The secret to a successful transition into a paperless office lies in a few key project management techniques. First, is the idea of going paper-lite, rather than paper-less. It is understood that going fully paperless in one fell swoop is unrealistic and will likely result in more problems than solutions. Discuss your needs in detail with your ECM vendor and find a pace of change that will be comfortable and feasible for everyone involved. Second, the implementation needs to be a phased one. This basically means that only one or two departments, or processes, will go paperless at a time.


Once a department demonstrates success and realizes the benefits of being paperless, other departments will be eager to climb on board. Finally, the importance of proper training and ongoing support. Your ECM vendor should give you thorough training on how to use your new ECM system, as well as provide continuous support on any issues that arise and questions that come up. Once you are up in the air, you will be flying around your new system and completing tasks with maximum efficiency.


By keeping these project management techniques in mind, you should be on your way to guaranteeing a successful ECM implementation and a high user adoption rate.